Why Socialism?

The outward appearances of socialism and capitalism

Socialism is a very nice, kind and compassionate idea. Lets all get along and share the riches of society equitably, taking care of the needs of those that are deemed incapable of taking care of themselves. Efforts are directed primarily toward children and families that lack access to the services and goods that are deemed essential to a minimal standard of living above the poverty level. Socialism seems to be a more compassionate and a more kind view toward betterment of the human condition. It gives little weight to personal effort or lack thereof as  a vital contribution to people's personal economic circumstance and personal condition.   

Free enterprise capitalism does not nearly look as kind and equitable. In fact it seems quite egoistic and appears on the surface not to care about the economic circumstance of the poor and the less fortunate. On closer examination it actually improves the economic circumstance more so than socialism does by promoting selfimprovement and improvement of self and improvent of living standard resulting from personal ability and effort rather than resulting from influences that are outside the control of individuals.

The reality is different from the appearances
In reality socialism is in violation of a very important law of nature (http://www.universaldemandlaw.com/). That law also affects economics. Capitalism is not in violation of that unforgiving law of nature but capitalism often clashes with guidelines of kindness and compassion that humans have adopted under the influence of socialism. The http://www.universaldemandlaw.com/ proves any form of socialism detrimental to the economy and detrimental to the wellbeing of individuals and societies that are subjected to socialism and its misguided well meaning kindness and compassion.

The nature of Socialism
It is often said that anyone who is below the age of 35 and IS NOT a socialist, does not have a heart and that anyone above the age of 40 who IS a socialist does not have a brain.

It now can be said that anyone below the age of 35 who is not a socialist has knowledge of, and understands, the workings of the Universal Demand Law and anyone above the age of 40 who is a socialist has no knowledge of, or fails to understand, the infallibility of the Universal Demand Law.

Why are there so many socialists?
The simple fact is that socialism proposes to share the combined wealth of the whole economy among all and it wants to close the income gap between rich and poor. This more equitable distribution of the total wealth of a society is to be accomplished by socialist legislation and regulation that will take from the rich and give to the poor. That sort of idea is taught to children at early age with fables like the story of Robin Hood and all manner of other fables that make up substantial portions of religious literature and teaching as well. This unfortunate reality results in 80% of young people turning into socialists. The other 20% are saved by their parents from drifting into socialism. Much of the disagreement between parents and children is as a result of socialism.

On the flipside of these good-deed stories are the stories about nasty mean storybook characters in children books such as Scrooge, and in religious writings there are lots of nasty greedy unkind characters as well. These socialist children stories are followed by all manner of kind and well intentioned socialist teaching starting in kindergarten and all through college. It is then no wonder that most young people under the age of 35 have a solid grounding in socialism and many of them do not come into contact with reality in their line of work and consequently remain socialistic for many more years to come and some remain socialists their entire life. 

Why are there so many that turn their backs on socialism later in life?
It is also a fact that over 80% of people turn their backs on socialism later in life. How does that happen? Do they lose compassion? Do they lose their hearts? Or have they observed enough disasters created by socialism and have they developed a brain?

The calculation is fairly simple to find out why the two party system in the USA creates about a 50%-50% split between socialists and conservatives. People right out of school are generally poor and "sharing the wealth" of the total economy among all is a very attractive proposition when you are obviously on the receiving end of the "lets share everything" proposition. They will then vote socialist and they will have developed a considerable dislike for heartless conservatives. A number of years later when these formerly poor people have gained some degree of wealth of their own the "sharing the wealth" proposition becomes less interesting because the people that have made economic progress and now have an attractive income are forced (through taxation) to share part of that income with those that are poorer and that now causes socialism to lose its charm with these now older and wiser people. They still may vote Democrat for a number of years but a few years later they will stop voting alltogether because they no longer like socialism but they have not as yet warmed up to the conservatives that they have disliked for so many of their younger years. Then finally around age 45 or so they start voting conservatives because they have realized that socialism turns the economy into a mess. But then when they lose their health through lack of their own preventive maintenance or as a result of plain old age, then socialism starts looking better again with promises of free health care and free medication. Also here socialism violates the UniversalDemandLaw.com again by teaching the people that they can rely on the Government and illness insurance for their illnesses and they totally ignore the fact that they are themselves responsible for maintaining their health through preventive health maintenance such as exercise and proper nutrition.

If that shift from socialism to realism were not taking place, the Democrats would be in power forever. Now however it is quite predictable which Counties and States will be Democrat controlled and which will be Republican controlled. It is a simple calculation of what percentage of the population is below the age of 35 and what percentage of the population considers itself poor and added to that percentage would be the people that have lost their health through poor choices in diet and lack of exercise or just plain old age.

So why is socialism so bad for the economy and all individuals?
Just have a look at http://www.universaldemandlaw.com/ and for now form your own conclusion. Later, when time permits, I will elaborate. The writings of Thomas Sowell will be very enlightening as well.

On the other hand Socialism has some benefit as a balancing antidote for Capitalism. Unbridled Capitalism has its faults and can benefit from the tempering influence of Socialism.  

Alf Temme
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